Extreme Weather Wrecks Havoc in South Africa

Extreme weather, characterized by severe cold spells and heavy rains, have wrought havoc in parts of South Africa, leaving six people dead, authorities said on Monday.

Four people died due to extreme weather that has hit the Western Cape since Friday, according to the provincial Disaster Management. Meanwhile, two people were believed to have died of exposure to cold in the Eastern Cape Province, police said.

In Western Cape, an estimated 30,000 people have been affected by the extreme weather, said Colin Deiner of the Disaster Management.

“We’re doing a periodic update of what requirements there are and where we should assist in response to these incidents,” said Deiner.

In Cape Town which was hit by hail and thunderstorms at the weekend, 2,266 people were affected by floods and hundreds of houses were damaged, according to the city’s disaster management’s Wilfred Solomons-Johannes.

The South African Weather Service forecast snow for mountains in the Southern Cape and biting cold for the rest of the week.

Western Cape Disaster Management officials said they are gearing up to assist more people who will be affected by stormy weather conditions as another cold front is on its way to the province

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