China: Extreme flooding worst in 50 years

Rainstorms reported as the worst in 50 years, have ravaged the Sichuan province of China, in what has been a waterlogged week for the area. Torrential rain has battered the region resulting in large-scale damage and loss of life.

Large areas of the region have been affected, with bridges washed away, a landslide burying 30 people Wednesday, homes gone and hundreds of people trapped in a tunnel.

Emergency services face a tough task as floodwaters continue to rise and turn calm waterways into powerful raging masses. Roads washed away or underwater make rescue efforts tricky, to say the least.

In 2008, an earthquake in the region caused major problems. The area has only recently recovered from that event and now faces the savagery of the elements once more. Current flooding has swept away a memorial to the victims of the earthquake, buried homes and resulted in deaths.


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