Vaitupu, Tuvalu

Vaitupu, Tuvalu -The analyst scored: C3:D3 ( Clarity: 3=few/no errors Disaster Data:  3=Complete)


Daz Smith actual Blind Remote Viewing session for this target:


Summary of my Remote viewing data:

The target feels:
Like a generally flat, spacious location which is cold and hostile.
Food , life and everything feels sparse. A high wind blows and the land feels striped.

The land is yellow/ brown, white and hard, solid, dry and dense. The land feels very open, vast and spacious. The land also feels flat, linear and naked. I feel there are patches of greenery/vegetation. The land has a main/single track or road leading in a straight direction which feels south.

This feels like life is no local and are on the move – moving through the location. The life is sporadic and moves in a thin stretched line, slowly. All converging in one direction moving towards one ‘rally’ point. The life feel and look scattered, grey, not happy, and battered.


The Other viewers data for this target scored at:


My opinion based on all the scores – Some climate change/damage may occur to this area – may cause some instances of people being moved due to weather change and a possible climate based event.


Feedback: (due within 2013)

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