Fort Jesus, Mombasa Kenya

Fort Jesus, Mombasa Kenya  – The analyst scored: C3:D3 ( Clarity: 3=few/no errors Disaster Data:  3=Complete)


Daz Smith actual Blind Remote Viewing session for this target:


Summary of my Remote viewing data:

The target feels:
Like a warm location which is made of land which has many man made structures.
These are interacted with by a speedy energy/motion.

Solid, dry, warm.

Lots of structures, many are very tall and linear.  These are man made and feel modern and some are utilitarian. Some of the structures have data which feels like a collapse or disintegration of the floors.

(1) Page6 sketches. Tall, very linear, boxy structures.

(2) Page 7 sketches – curved, solid, constructed, structure. This feels close to a liquid – water. This too feels affected by the speedy energetic.

(3) Pages 8 sketch – tall linear, lipped, constructed, angular, cold, hard, structure. Lots of people are at the base of this structure.

Overall I get the feeling of a large city with many structures. These feel impacted by a fast moving energetic that causes damage, destruction to the structures.

Many all around the target location. Some are outside the structures and feel bunched, some are inside the structures and some feel trapped.

A building, fast moving energetic. Erratic, intense and impacting to the location.
This is surprised and causes chaos and damage.The cause feels natural – part of a natural cycle.


The Other viewers data for this target scored at:


My opinion based on all the scores – A possible climate impact to this area with some damage to life and structures. This looks like a natural event, fast, erratic.


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