Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera House, Sydney  – The analyst scored: C3:D3 ( Clarity: 3=few/no errors Disaster Data:  3=Complete)


Daz Smith actual Blind Remote Viewing session for this target:


Summary of my Remote 2013 viewing data:

The target feels:
The target feels like a series of rising, peaked then falling, structures.
Cold, with a strong wind and parts of it feels up high and exposed.
The top of the target feels cold, capped and frosty.
Overall the target feels weathered.

These feel natural and of stone.
There are more than one (feels like a group of three) and they rise sharply up to a peak then sharply down. The texture is sharp, cold, hard and solid. The overall shape is ‘sharp’ and angular, overlapping angled edges.

I sensed a sulphurous smell in S2 (but forgot to probe this further?)
The top of the structures feel exposed to strong/high winds that are cold and leave the structures capped or frosty. The wind really impacts the top of these structures.
From above the structures look connected and layered/weathered.


The Other viewers data for this target scored at:


My opinion based on all the scores – I feel that this area could experience medium to serious climate changes, and temperature differences within 2013. Maybe even some damage/destruction.


Feedback: (within 2013)

6 March, 21013 – Climate Change Responsible for Extreme Weather in Australia: Report

At least 123 weather records were broken recently in a short span of 90 days…

Shocking figures have unveiled that in 102 years since Australia began collecting national records, there have been 21 days when the country showed temperature of more than 102 degrees Fahrenheit (39 Celsius), and eight of them were in 2013.

27 feb, 2013 – Extreme Weather as Cyclone Nears Pilbara Coast 
29 Jan, 2013 – Areas of Sydney flooded by heaviest rainfall in a decade
27 Jan, 2013 – Sixth tornado hits southeast Queensland
18 Jan, 2013 – Sydney temp hits record of 48.5 degrees.
Prepare for the worst bushfires in history’: Australian forecasters forced to extend thermometer to 54C as country endures record temperatures – Jan 8th, 2013
Incredible wall of sand whipped up by cyclone hits Western Australia coast – Jan 11, 2013

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