Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania  – The analyst scored: C3:D2 ( Clarity: 3=few/no errors Disaster Data:  3=significant)


Daz Smith actual Blind Remote Viewing session for this target:


Summary of my Remote viewing data:

The target feels:
A hot partly arid land which is part hard, part soft and baked. The substance of the land feels sandy and gravelly and feels quite flat and exposed. I feel there is an area of liquid which is water. This is receding and feels quite shallow or shallower than usual.

Which is Wide, long, mainly flat, linear and wide. It is also brown, red, dry, hard, dry and solid. Some of the land moves and feels more sandy in consistency. The land feels very dry and parched/thirsty.

Which takes a curved form like a large pool. The water is grey/blue.
It feels shallow/shallower?
It also feels smaller or like its receding
This had the overall feeling of a hot parched place with water/drought problems brought on by the heat/climate.


The Other viewers data for this target scored at:


My opinion based on all the scores -Higher temperatures and raised drought/severe weather in this location. Data doesn’t seem to indicate anything too catastrophic here.


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